Andalusia Day - Free gifts Today and a Draw Entry!

Andalusia Day - Free gifts Today and a Draw Entry!

Across Andalusia today, Wednesday 28th February, horses and riders will parade through the towns of Southern Spain. On this day in 1980, Andalusia was declared an autonomous state, since then it's been a public holiday. The horses are absolutely central to the culture and historical significance of Andalusia and are at the heart of the celebrations which will go on late into the night.

There are eight provinces in Andalusia - Seville (the capital of Al Andaluz), Cadiz (where you will find Jerez, the home of The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art), Huelva, Malaga, Granada, Almeira, and of course Córdoba - the home of the Royal Stables, the birthplace of the pure bred Spanish horse in 1570 by Royal decree of King Felipe II. The 16th "Marcha Hipica" (equestrian march), beginning at the Royal Stables, will include horses you'll see later this year at Westpoint. Hundreds more will join them in one of Spains biggest days. You can see an image of this amazing gathering from Córdoba in 2023 below. How incredible to see so many horses on the streets, all in traditional costume!

To mark this special event, all orders placed today will receive two FREE special edition art cards with your tickets - "Familia" by Aga Karmol, and "Fantasia de Córdoba" by Ash Piper, both taken at last years sold out shows. AND you'll also be entered into a draw to win a case of Shaws Iberian Cava. Spain's choice when it comes to bubbles, once you've tasted this drier and crisper alternative to Prosecco you'll never go back!

It's just 6 months to go now! We can't wait for you all to experience the immersive Iberian experience that will fill your dreams with the majestic horses of Spain and Portugal forever, what better day to secure your tickets for one of the worlds biggest equestrian productions and four fabulous Feria days.

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Have a wonderful day! Que pase un buen dia! Venga!

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