In Spain, just like the horses. Flamenco is part of life, it is deeply woven into the culture. Visit a Feria and you'll see the horses and dancers joined in celebration.

At the Festival of the Iberian horse here in the UK, the Flamenco brings so much heart, passion and authenticity - to the event - Duende as they say in Spain! As the dancers lift their hands to the sky, connect their feet to the earth, and pay tribute to the horses, you'll feel elevated by this incredible art form that has been protected by UNESCO.

UK First With Rebeca Ortega

We are so proud that for 2024 one of Spain's most renowned Flamenco Dancers Rebeca Oetega joins us. Rebeca's passion and footwork is extraordinary, to see Rebeca in the UK alongside beautiful Spanish horses to begin the Thursday and Friday night shows in the Fire, Fado and Flamenco Fantasia is a World first for the art of Flamenco. Absolutely unmissable if you love Flamenco. Also starring Claudia Aurora, Fsdo singer form Portugal this could even be a World first!

From Córdoba

At the Royal Stables of Córdoba, the Flamencas play an important role in the shows, creating breathtaking pieces with the horses. We are delighted that two of their dancers - Silvia Herrerias and Christina Tapia will join us here in the UK so you can see their intricately choreographed pieces. They will also perform daily in The Lisbon Lounge the VIP Hospitality suite.

From the UK

We are extremely lucky to have professional Flamenco dancers and their students here in the South West as an intrinsic part of the show.

Our professionals return in 2024, all of whom teach locally

Karina Gracia (Exeter)

Claudia Caolin (Cornwall)

Mercedes Romero (Plymouth)

You'll see timed dances on La Plaza every day. You too can try some steps in the Sunday Sevillanas sessions, Check the website in early August for timings of all performances by the dancers.

The Artists

The Iberian Horse has had huge influence on art throughout history, so it's only right that equine art should be a big part of the show. The very large arena banners you will see are designed exclusively for us by Devon artist Gillian Anderson. Outside on La Plaza and in one of the outdoor areas you will also see lots of other artists. You can also now buy limited edition Iberian prints from La Galleria

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