The FESTIVAL OF THE IBERIAN HORSE - 28th August - 1st September is dedicated to the horses, art and culture of Spain and Portugal. With around 12,000 on site, and a truly exciting multi faceted event, there are so many ways to elevate your brand when you work with us. Your totally bespoke package could include dynamic festival features - what about an arena named after your brand, or a presence in hospitality, huge cascading banners, plaza product placement and more - the Festival has so much to offer .

Entry level sponsorship begins with the daytime competitive events - Showing, Working Equitation, Show Jumping and Dressage. Each class and section is sponsored giving you a presence on the website, in the programme and at the Festival through commentary and physical presence if you wish. A very small number of classes are currently available.

Lead sponsors in 2023 were John Parker International who brought the horses from the Royal Stables of Cordoba and handled all international paperwork.

Sponsors - by Class

Working Equitation is sponsored by John Parkers International Horse Transport

Dressage Day is sponsored buy Shaws Iberian


The In hand PRE Fusions are sponsored by Adventureline Walking Holidays


The Ridden PRE Fusions (all classes and registers is sponsored by AVAILABLE

The Ridden PRMe is sponsored by TR Doidge Hay and Straw Supplier

The in hand part bred youngstock are sponsored by Paddle and Cocks

The in hand pure bred youngstock are sponsored by Eclipse CES - Spanish Stallion at Stud

The In hand Mares are sponsored by La Lola Tapas and Deli Exeter

In hand Purebred Geldings Signature Gloves

The In hand Veterans AVAILABLE

The in hand pure bred stallions are sponsored by Jenny Rolfe

The Ridden part breds are sponsored by Lowton Equine Rehabilitation

Ridden Veterans AVAILABLE

Ridden Purebred Females Sponsor - AVAILABLE

The Ridden pure bred geldings are sponsored by Equichanics

The ridden Stallions are sponsored by Heather Moffett Saddles

Spanish Walk Sunday Fun challenge is sponsored by Gillian Anderson artist