Some of the World's Finest Equestrians with The breathtaking Royal Horses of Europe, in a state of the art spectacular production - meet the stars below.
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Alizée Froment

From France, Alizée Froment is an exquisite performer, a global superstar of the equestrian World who has dazzled audiences all over the Globe. Alizée has not been seen in a UK production since HOYS in 2018, what a thrill it will be to see this exceptional equestrain who specialises in liberty and bridleless dressage. You can expect to see a truly magical, joyful, and technically impressive performance.

A very successful career as an internataional Grand Prix rider to CDI5* (the highest echelon), underpins the artistry of the performance. Alizée favours the Lusitano, the breathtaking horse of Portugal, the work is founded on heart, body and soul of horse and human communicating as one. Alizées skill, storytelling and finesse, will be even more memorable and spectacular under a dazzling lighting system. You'll be taken on a journey to fill your dreams forever. 

You can also enjoy a masterclass with Alizée on Thursday daytime in the indoor arena. An interview with Alizée will be available soon.

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Córdoba Ecuestre

The first ever UK visit of horses from the Royal Stables of Córdoba at the Festival in 2023, received such resounding reviews, we simply had to invite them back. Such skill, passion and authenticity is something to behold especially when staged in a truly spectacular setting. For everyone who loves horses, the performances are deeply dramatic and moving. Córdoba Ecuestre will return with even more horses, and brand new never seen before pieces. You can look forward to many different styles including Doma Vaquera, Alta Escuela, Amazona and Long Lining. And you'll get to meet these Royal horses, from the birthplace of the purebred Spanish horse, by decree of King Felipe II in 1567 after every performance.

Silke Vallentin

The lady who defies limits. Being confined to a wheelchair for decades following a motorbike accident has not stopped Silke from achieving the extraordinary. Silke and PRE (pure bred Spanish horse) Viento XXII will show that anything is possible when we believe and set our hearts and minds free. This extraordinary lady is a gifted teacher who teaches "Horsemanship to Haute École" around the World - high level, classical dressage on the ground for all equestrians. From achieving the lightest in hand work, to advanced movements such as Levade and Terre a Terre, this lady is exceptional. We are very proud to stage Silke in a show setting for the first time in the UK since performing at the NEC in 2008. Silke will also be running masterclasses during the day at the Festival, and a clinic before or after the event, please register your interest as places are limited to learn with Silke who is based in Germany

Rebeca Ortega

One of Spain's most renowned, and passionate Flamenco dancers, Rebeca is a truly gifted artist. As a classically trained, and multidisciplinary performer, Rebeca brings enormous technical ability to her Flamenco. Exquisite precision, elegance and passion combine to create something truly remarkable. You will see Rebeca perform alongside Fado singer Claudia Aurora with some very special equine guests, in a fiery and dramatic sequence to begin the Thursday and Friday night Espetáculos. With spectacular sound and lights from NUB who have staged some of the biggest bands in the World, a Fantasia to remember forever, a truly innovative and immersive Iberian experience. Rebeca will also perform daily in the Caseta de Córdoba our VIP Hospitality lounge.

Claudia Aurora

Porto-born Fado singer Claudia Aurora is likely the only Fado singer based outside Portugal to make a significant impact on this traditional art. Her collaboration with Spanish guitarist Javier Moreno has taken them to some of the most prestigious stages throughout the UK and Europe, and as far as South Korea and Oman. The duo's performances are renowned for their healing power, Aurora's profound vocals, and Moreno's subtle and sensitive playing, which follows her rhythm and breath like the tide kissing the shore. This beautiful duo will perform on Thursday and Friday night to begin the show alongside some very special equine guests, and one of Spain's most renowned Flamenco dancers Rebeca Ortega. A beautiful combination of cultures for a visceral and emotional experience.

The Parades

On Thursday and Friday night, Iberian horses will join together to showcase the traditions of Spain and Portugal alongside Flamenco dancer Rebeca Ortega, one of Spain's biggest stars, and from Portugal, the spellbinding Fado singer Claudia Aurora. Set under a mesmerising and spectacular sound and light system, you can look forward to emotional and dramatic storytelling on an epic scale. On Saturday night you can enjoy a competitive Parade where riders in the traditional dress compete for the title of the best 2024 Parade horse

Working Equitation

On Saturday night only, experience the UK's best Working Equitation riders go against the clock in the fast and furious "Speed Rounds". It's an electric atmosphere to start the night, approximately the first 30 minutes. You'll also see all the riders take a lap of honour with a difference before we head into the superstar performances.