Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado

Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado are unique. They have an innate capacity to fill a room with love and joy. To inspire all around them, horses and people. Their connection and essence is magical and mesmerising, and seems otherworldly to many, uplifting an audience is a speciality. We are so proud and honoured to have hosted this beautiful couple in both 2023 and 2024 at The Festival of the Iberian Horse.  They inspired thousands, and they will be back! 

The Iberian horses who stole our hearts in 2023 were Quino de Courenne (Lusitano), T-Makao Canet (Lusitano), C-Talento Courenne, Lancelot Des Patras (PRE), Arce XI (PRE), Guido DF (PRE) and Boni Oficial (PRE). 

The founders of Cavalia, probably the biggest artistic horse show in the World, between 2003 and 2009 they travelled Europe, Canada and America performing to over two million people. Today from a base in Avignon, Frédéric and Magali tour their own show across France, make a limited number of personal show appearances, and teach private clinics. Currently a new show "Sueno" is running in Southern France, You can follow all year round at Magali Delgado & Frédéric Pignon: la passion des chevaux.

The style of horsemanship is based upon an understanding of the horses nature. Working with them as partners, as friends. Very much "Natural Horsemanship" as many term this sort of work, the horses are encouraged to express themselves in order to build and nourish the bond between horse and human. Having a balance in our own minds and bodies before working with the horses is a philosophy that underpins everything Frédéric and Magali do. Whilst the work is extremely heart centred, and there's a great deal of fun and play, the training is also based in solid ethology and decades of experience at the highest levels as breeders, riders, trainers, competitors and performers.

Very early advocates of a kinder more natural way of working with horses, Frédéric and Magali have inspired thousands of riders to develop their skills both on the ground and in the saddle. They have helped so many learn how to build harmony and connection in ways that just a couple of decades ago was something only the very highest professionals could even dream of. Still today many professionals choose to train with this couple finding their insight and techniques extremely valuable and rewarding for horse and rider.

When it comes to a show setting, the emphasis on the love, friendship and relationship results in performances that are the epitome of connection and harmony. Frédéric has a gift working at liberty with the horses. No matter the atmosphere, the lights, how many thousands are watching, or the pressure of expectation, the horses always stay connected to him at all times, always soft in their mind and body, happy to work and play, even with no ropes and reins to control that connection. Magali rides with the technical ability of a masterful Grand Prix Dressage rider (a successful competitor at this level in the past), but brings a touch of magic, a flair and artistry that simply fills an arena. Together their work pieces together vignettes that fill the soul with both the artistry and the horsemanship - a truly timeless combination that even non horsey people appreciate greatly. It is work that crosses boundaries, generations, lifestyles and knowledge bases.

This beautiful couple work extensively with Arabs and Friesians, but are huge fans of the Iberian horse, and own a number of Lusitanos. Magali’s family have bred pure Lusitanos, the national horse of Portugal for many years, and the family stud is at the heart of their horse training.

We are so lucky to have seen Frédéric and Magali twice at Westpoint with their team of PRE and Lusitano stallions in completely different performances each time. To see them under a truly epic sound and light system, produced by Plymouth firm NUB who work with some óf the biggest bands, events and venues in the World is something so unique. The visit of such global equestrian superstars to the South West so exciting for the region. Starring in all four of the shows Thursday / Friday and Saturday night, and the Sunday Matinee, they headlined alongside horses from the Royal Stables of Córdoba in their first ever UK visit, a magical brand new Working Equitation display, many many Flamenco dancers, an Iberian parade and more besides. It was a truly history making show, set in four Fiesta days. Authentic food and drink, shopping, it was an atmosphere to treasure forever.

Gabriele Boiselle, international photographer says of Frederic and Magali…

“When it comes to horse people, Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado are the most outstanding souls I know.  The smile of Magali, the hands of Frédéric; I can’t think of anyone else with such a gift for intuitive communication and connection with horses.  Frédéric has another wonderful talent, an ability to convey his wisdom and experience in words, in moving stories that inspire and motivate others. He is not only a wonderful horseperson, he can share that part of himself so that people understand and can try his methods with their own horses.  Everything with Magali and Frédéric is about love and horses…I’m very privileged and happy to work with them both…Over time, our relationships have brought about deep connection, deep satisfaction, and deep insights, bringing us to the conclusion that what can be done with horses can best be done with love”

Frédéric and Magali will return in 2025. If you love them and their style of work, you will also love Alizée Froment who stars in the 2024 festival.  This lady also brings together exceptional technical skills with sheer artistry and is also a huge proponent of the Lusitano horse.  Buy 2024 Tickets Here

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