• The Association for British Working Equitation

    The governing body for this exciting sport, the fastest growing equestrian discipline in Europe. ABWE are responsible for organising National competitions throughout the country and assisting in the organisation of regional competitions, team selection and the promotion and growth of Working Equitation within Great Britain. Visit them to stay up to date with competitions, training dates, judge courses and other events.

    The ABWE have run a National competition with us now for 8 years, and we are so pleased to have them as part of the team. They bring so much to the show, and the sport is such a crowd pleaser. Whilst the Lusitano and PRE excel at this sport, this part of the show is open to all breeds, not just Iberians

  • BAPSH Ltd

    BAPSH Ltd is a DEFRA approved UK Equine Passport office who hold and operate the National Studbooks. BAPSH can also register and overstamp the passports for Imported horses of breeds descended from PRE horses, eg. the rare Menorquina and Mallorquina breeds.

    BAPSH handle all aspects of Registration for Imports and British & Irish homebreds, Changes of Ownership, Passport Updates, Covering Certificates, Breeding paperwork, Foal registration, and also deal with many other aspects of owning and breeding Purebred Spanish Horses (PRE) and the breeds based upon the PRE or descended from the PRE horse.


    The official organisation that run competitions, shows and events for purebred and partbred Spanish horses. They are the ANCCE Affilliated Competition Organisation for the UK. Join as a member for magazines, discounts on show entries and much more and a very big friendly community for fans of the Spanish horse. GBPRE members receive discounts on classes at The Iberian Show.

    The GBPRE national show takes place yearly at Hartpury where you'll see the best Spanish horses compete with an ANCCE judge. The 2023 GBPRE show takes place on 28th - 30th July

  • The Lusitano Society

    The British body responsible for the registration and breeding of the Lusitano and affiliated with the APSL in Portugal. They also promote the breed in every sphere, support traditional training and hold an annual breed show.

    In 2023 the National Lusitano Breed Show will take place on the 22 - 23 July at Onley, Warwickshire. This includes showing, and also the very important grading of Lusitano horses

    Membership gives you discounts on entries at The Iberian Show as well as a range of extras.

    The Lusitano Society 

    ANCCE - the Royal Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association (Real Asociación Nacional de Criadores de Caballos de Pura Raza Española) is the officially recognized Association to handle the Purebred Spanish Horse Stud Book (known by the abbreviation LG PRE ANCCE) and to manage the breed’s Breeding Program. A Purebred Spanish Horse is considered as such if and when it is registered in the PRE Stud Book, managed by ANCCE, to thus participate in the Breeding Program. The PRE Stud Book is the body that issues Equine Identification Documents (EID) for all Purebred Spanish Horses inthe world.  The main PRE Stud Book office is located in the city of Sevilla (in
    southern Spain). ANCCE has been recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture since 2007 as the maximum representative of the breed to handle the PRE Stud book.

    ANCCE offical site 
  • The APSL

    The APSL is the governing body of the Lusitano horse in Portugal. It was founded at the initiative of a group of members of the Associação Portuguesa de Criadores de Raças Selectas [Portuguese Association of Breeders of Selected Breeds] which, in considering that the breed needed an exclusive Association, created the studbook in 1967. The official approval of the Lusitano Breed Studbook was a decisive step forward in giving rise to a painstaking, across-the-board selection process which has ensured the absolute quality of the pure blood horse.

    APSL’s objective is to defend and promote the Lusitano Purebred equine breed and maintain the Lusitano Breed Studbook with the aim of ensuring the breed’s ethnic purity and to help improve the breed’s zootechnical and sanitary development, based on the approval of its breeding stock. In 1995 its activities were rewarded by the granting of “Public Utility” status.

    APSL official site