Iberian Articles

We love delving into the history and traditions of the horses and culture of Spain and Portufal. Here's some articles for you to enjoy

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The Ferias of Spain

Spain is renowned for its ferias, each with their own style and flavour, take a closer look at some of the major ones HERE

The Art of Dressage

Artistic and harmonious dressage is at the very heart of the Festival of the Iberian Horse. We bring the finest international equestrians, and the breathtaking horses of Spain and Portugal, and set them in a dazzling and spectacular lighting production to give you a truly magical experience to treasure forever. Read more

The Healing Power of Horses

For Mental Health Awareness Week, here's a look at the theme of healing at the 2024 Festival. Through artistic performance, meet and greets with the majestic horses, and the new Healing Zone here's how we bring them theme of healign to the 2024 Festival Read More

Meet the Stars - Silke Vallentin

Meet the extraordinary equestrian who defies all limits, starring in the 2024 show, teaching masterclasses before and during and Silke's book in. UK language is now availble for the first time here in the UK in our shop. Meet Silke

Meet the Stars - The Royal Stables of Córdoba

The birthplace of the pure bred Spanish horse Read More

The War Horses Came on the Spanish Armada, but now come to Devon in Peace

On the 19th July 1588, 436 years ago, Andalusian horses from Córdoba would have been on the Spanish Armada when it was first spotted off the coast of Cornwall. Now they come in peace, as friends READ MORE

Meet the Stars - Frédéric Pignon & Magali Delgado

Discover more about the amazing equestrian artists Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado READ MORE

El Cid and His Andalusian Horse Babieca

In the 11th century El Cid rode into battle, always successfully, on his Andalusian horse “Babieca”. READ MORE

Meet the Stars - Manual Morejon Perez - Chief Rider of Córdoba Ecuetre

Exlusive Festival Internview with Chief Rider Manuel Morejon Perez CLICK HERE

The Spanish Horse - Iberian Intrigue from New Native American Research

The Spanish horse has had enormous influence on horses around the World. New research indicates that the scope of this influence is bigger, and older than believed. READ MORE

Andrea Bocelli and His Love for the Iberian Horse

What an inspiration. - an incredible singer, a warm heart, and a huge fan of the Iberian horse. Read More