Manuel Morejon Perez

*Featured picture by Laurent Vilbert from the recent visit of Córdoba Ecuestre to La Cadre Noir

The Chief Rider of Córdoba Ecuestre based at the Royal Stables of Córdoba very kindly answered some questions for the Festival team. A truly exceptional and accomplished equestrian, Manuel is also an absolute pleasure to work with. You can look forward to seeing him exclusively in the UK at the Festival of the Iberian Horse, 29th August - 1st September.

Can you tell us about how and why you first fell in love with horses?

For me, the horse has always been in my parents and grandparents' home, always part of my family. The family are great aficianados of the horse. From a child I was always clear that horses would be part of my life.

How would you describe what you do, and where you are in your career?

I believe that I am privileged to work in a job that I love, it is a luxury. As I have always been told, this is a career that you never finish learning. Nowadays I feel so proud to work at Córdoba Ecuestre, every day I continue learning and have the good fortune to be relating to riders of many international levels and disciplines.  I still have so much to learn.

Can you tell us more about your philosophy of training and working with horses?

My philosophy has always been with massive respect and loving care of the horse. I consider myself a rider who enjoys starting training from scratch, through classical dressage to gradually make great artists for our show.

What are you focusing on currently in your horsemanship and work at Córdoba?

At Córdoba Ecuestre every day I check the well-being of all the horses, the training of the riders and the preparation of new horses and the new choreographies for the show. I also oversee the training of new students.

What are your plans for the future? 

My plans are to continue learning and training, continue working on the training of new riders, competitions and the future of the International Horse Center in the Royal Stables.

What does a typical day look like for you?

As a manager, in the morning I like to look at and review all the horses that are well and the first thingis the food and cleaning of all the facilities, preparation of the tracks to make sure they are in good condition for training. Then we start working with the horses first thing in the morning with the young horses. In the afternoon we continue with training until the start of the show.

What do you think are the key aspects of building a strong relationship with a horse?

Trust, giving him good training and strong bond and relationship so that he is able to learn what we teach him and above all, an important key is time.

Who inspires you in your horsemanship and life? 

There are many riders that I try to learn from depending on the discipline I am going to perform. In dressage riders like Daniel Martin Dock and Juan Manuel Muñoz, and in Doma Vaquera Joaquín Oliveira and Álvaro Teba.

What do you consider your greatest achievements in your career?

Being a finalist in the Doma Vaquera King's Cup, three consecutive years as Champion of Andalusia, three years Champion of the Spanish Cup, and two consecutive years Sicab champion PRE world championship in the long reins.

Other achievements that have been very important to me are the participation with Córdoba
Equestre in three of the most important schools in the world The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, Le Cadre Noir and the Spanish Riding School of Vienna.

Can you tell us about the horses you are currently working with, and
where they are in their training?

I currently have several horses which I have had from foals to which I am now teaching the airs above the ground. I continue schooling my horse Apollo who is trained to the highest level on long reins. I also have horses from other disciplines such as Doma Clasica and Doma Vaquera.

Do you have one special horse in your career and why were they important?

There is always a horse that marks you in your life and it teaches you and lights your inner fire forever. Today I still have Guerrera at home at 25 years old. He is a horse that from the first time I met him made me feel sensations different from any others and he has a huge heart.

Tell us why you think the Spanish horse is so special?

It has always been said that he has been a horse of kings. The Spanish horse has, above all, great nobility, a great heart and incredible beauty, which makes it the most unique horse in the world. Today the PRE is an extremely versatile horse for different disciplines in competition.

What are your thoughts on the difference between the PRE and the Lusitano?

The Lusitano horse and the PRE horse are two Iberian horses since their characteristics are very
similar, since the Lusitano horse comes from the PRE. The Lusitano and PRE are horses that are increasingly competitive in Dressage. Our PRE is a very versatile horse for many disciplines such as high school, Doma Vaquera, driving and for the enjoyment of every fan for its character and nobility. Major characteristics of the Lusitanian horses are mounted bullfighting and for Working Equitation.

When choosing horses for yourself, what qualities do you look for?

When choosing a horse for me it is important that it has a good character, good balance and that their movements are big and, most importantly, that they have a good heart.

What recommendations do you have for young people who want to work with horses?

Today it is important that they have good training and have a lot of patience. With perseverance and work the results come.

 How did you enjoy your visit in the UK at the Festival of the Iberian Horse?

It was a very nice moment since it was the first time we visited England with our Show. We felt at home since everything was very typical Spanish. We are very much looking forward to returning.


We extend our sincere thanks to Manuel for taking time out of his busy schedule to tell us more about his life and work at the Royal Stables of Córdoba. Come and see this exceptional rider at the Festival of the Iberian Horse, 29th Aug - 1st September.

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