The Ferias of Spain

Spain, especially Andalusia is renowned for its Ferias and Festivals, every major town and city, even the villages has one, all with a very particular styles and flavour. Some are one day events, some go on for a week or more. If you wanted, you can probably go to a Feria every week in Andalucia - what an adventure that would be!

At the Festival here in the UK, you can expect to see all the classic Andalusian Feria features to enhance your experience before and after the epic arena shows - horses, carriage rides, lots of food and drink, Flamenco dancers, a vintage carousel, festoons, beautiful lighting, paper lanterns, olive trees and more! We're even working on a giants parade as you see in Northern Spain. A piece of Spanish heaven here in the UK, make sure you have your tickets!

Lets take a look at our pick of the major Ferias and Festivals around Spain.

  • Las Fallas (Valencia)

    March 15th - 19th 2025

    A truly unique Festival in Valencia, no real horses to be seen, but you might see some papier mache ones! This vibrant and ancient Festival marks the beginning of Spring and is the culmination of two weeks of fun, art and satire the uniquely Valencian way. It was an ancient carpenters tradition to mark the arrival of Spring by burning pieces of wood that held up their lights over the winter. Today over 800 monuments are made, some are huge, costing enormous amounts of money, hoisted into position by cranes, then set on fire! Two of the statues are saved from burning each year, the public vote for their favourites.

    The creators and artists compete for prizes for in various sections. It's a magical night that sees the whole of Valencia lit up and many fire artists and actors come to entertain the crowds, definitely a fabulous time to visit the city.

  • Feria De Abril (Seville)

    May 5th - 10th 2025

    The art, colour and culture of Andalusia at the April fair in Seville is deliciously spectacular, probably the most famous of all the Ferias. Over 1000 casetas (party tents basically) are open. Many of these are closed to the public, but there are some public municipal ones, or find yourself a Sevilliano friend!

    Carriages fill the streets with ladies in all their fineries, the sherry flows, the dancers delight the crowds., the sweet scent of orange blossom and jasmine fills the streets.

    For a little taste of the Feria at home, try making "Rebujito", one of Seville's favourites - a unique blend of Manzanilla sherry, lemonade (or soda), mint leaves and huge amounts of ice - the perfect sunshine cocktail! We are looking to add a sherry tasting to the Festival - you'll never see Sherry the same way, it's definitely not just for grandma!

  • Patios de Cordoba

    May 2nd - 12th 2024

    The courtyards of Córdoba are famous the World over, the Córdoba Patios Festival has been recognised by UNESCO as a piece of World Heritage. Many families compete and open their incomparably beautiful courtyards for the public to enjoy.

    On the 9th May 2024 a special show takes place with horses and riders from Córdoba Ecuestre from the Royal Stables Córdoba. Heavily influenced by Moorish culture, the architecture is simply breathaking, to visit at this time of year is something really special if you love travelling, flowers and horses!

    You could even combine with a visit to the Jerez horse fair which starts a few days later, Córdoba and Jerez are 2 and a half hours hours apart. This would be the ultimate two city combo for anyone who loves the Spanish horse.

  • Feria Del Caballo de Jerez

    4th - 11th May 2024

    The Jacaranda is at its very best in early May and Jerez comes to life. Steeped in culture and heritage - the Jerez horse fair has a rich, flamboyant and passionate tapestry of the veruy finest Spanish horses, food and of course, plenty of Sherry! The horses are at the heart of it all more than any other Feria, the origins coming from medieval times when people gathered there to trade horses. The incredibly elegant teams of coach horses are still today seen in huge numbers. Being the home of theReal Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestrealso has huge bearing on why it remains so centred around the horses, on the 11th May, as part of closing festivities, a massive Gala show will take place at the Royal School. Around the vibrant of array of horse activities and competitions, the casetas and streets light up, over and a million lights will illuminate the huge fairground, a really vibrant, fun and family affair. If you love the Spanish horse, its unmissable!

  • Romería de El Rocío (Huelva)

    17th - 24th May 2024

    This is the oldest festival in Spain. The processions through the sandy roads and white washed walls of Rocio in Western Andalucia have a feel like no other. The tiny sleepy town sees up to a million people over the week. Horses, mules and cattle feature very strongly, large numbers of gypsy caravans and vehicles make their way along an ancient pilgrimage, the same route that has been followed for hundreds of years. Legend has it a statue of the Virgin Mary was found in a hollowed out tree in Doñana national park and people came from all over Spain to visit. Huge numbers of parties, competitions, and vignettes of flamenco and singing take place for the entire week, and a Sherry or two enjoyed! Pentecost Monday is the peak of the festival and the statue of the El Rocio virgin is taken through the town. Viva La virgin del Rocio y Andalusia!

  • Feria de Córdoba

    18th - 25th May 2024

    From Jerez, the next major stop, is Córdoba, in honour of Nuestra Señora de la Salud (Our Lady of Health). This city is so ancient and exquisite, what a setting for a Feria! Seeing the old Moorish buildings lit up party style is a magnificent juxtapositon of old and new. The portada - the entrance is massive, and stays the same every year, unlike Seville which changes, over 60,000 lights welcome you to the Fair.

    Being the home of the Royal Stables of Córdoba, (who you can see at the Festival here in the UK later this year), here too the horses are absolutely centre stage. Visiting the stables is a must during the Feria where you will special performances in this the birthplace of the purebred Spanish horse. As in Jerez, the carriages are a huge part of the event, and a carriage display takes place the week before the Feria itself.

    Set in the municipal El Arenal fairgrounds, thousands flock here, huge, all of the Casetas are open to the public to enjoy.

    You need to book your accommodation early if you want to stay.

  • Ronda Romántica 

    June 6th - 9th 2024

    This is the second oldest festival in Andalusia, founded 1509. Every year thousands descend on the town. The cultural heritage of Ronda is unique, one reason being the Bandoleros - bandits who fought for themselves and Andalusia on horseback. Hiding in the Ronda mountains, they were loved characters much like Robin Hood as they protected the poor. Many dress as the bandits, but also gypsies, soldiers and in Goyesca costumes. Horses and donkeys are a massive feature alongside street vendors, competitions, children's games and of course lots of food and dancing! In 2023, the Ronda Council made an Institutional Declaration that "the Rondeña" way of dressing is of Cultural and Ethnographic Heritage Value of the land. This romantic attire is steeped in heritage and craftsmanship, but is now very rare in the correct form. It's hoped this move will ensure the long term preservation of the attire, and a commitment has been made to training and events to promote the Rondeña. Wouldn't it be lovely to see this outfit in a parade at the Festival!

  • Semana Grande (Bilbao)

    17th - 25th August 2024

    Also known as Aste Nagusia, this 9 day festival is the biggest celebration of Basque culture in Northern Spain, a very different feel to Andalucia, a lovely variation of Spanish culture, and a fascinating time of year to visit this beautiful region.

    Over 500 different free activities take place, so as you can imagine a real family vibe. Lots of traditional sports take place, theres the amazing parades of giants and lots of live music and traditional dancing. The evening fireworks are a huge part of this particular Festival.

    But it's the food you especially won't want to miss, many competiitons take place on the streets, some of the most popular dishes are Txipirones (squids in ink), tortilla (potato omelette), marmitako (tuna stew) and bacalao (cod) in pilpil sauce.

    We hope to add a giants parade to the Festival here in the UK for you to enjoy as you make your way out of Westpoint... watch this space!

  • Fiesta de la Mercè (Barcelona)

    20th - 24th September 2024

    At the end of September, 5 days are dedicated to Mare de Deu de la Mercè, the Patron Saint of Barcelona. This is Barcelona's biggest event of the year, a varied celebration of the cultural diversity of Barcelona, Catalan style in vivid colour. Folk dancing is seen throughout and there's many events in the museums and galleries. Puppets and giants feature here too and there's magical beasts as well. The famous fire run, and the procession of fire breathing dragons in unmissable! Many of Barcelona's beautiful buildings are lit with projections. Visual and circus arts are really key, and with a nod to this we have circus skills workshops taking place this year at our Festival here in the UK.

    In Plaça de Jaume human towers are built - the Castells are a symbol of unity, great fun to watch, but requiring huge strength and planning!

All the Fun of the Feria and More Here in the UK!

If you love the culture of Spain and Andalusia you'll LOVE the Festival of the Iberian Horse which brings a slice of Spanish Heaven to Devon. All the fun of the Feria in four fantastic days of sport, art, culture and epic entertainment with the epic arena shows at the heart of it all. In 2024 this takes place 29th August - 1st Sept, at Westpoint, Exeter Devon.

You'll experience a dazzling and spectacular production, a real treat for the senses, even non equestrians love the experience. As an authentic showcase for the art, culture and horse riding traditions of the Iberian peninsula, this is unmissable for anyone who loves Spain.

All set in the beautiful grounds of Westpoint, after the show the atmosphere is electric as everything lights up in the colours of Spain and Portugal. And as you leave, there's fire throwers, festoons, DJs and so much besides going on. The planchas will be lit, and the food and wine will flow. It's an experience to treasure forever - the heart and soul of Spain right here in the UK.

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