The Pride of Portugal - Lusitanos in London

The Pride of Portugal - Lusitanos in London

What an absolute joy it has been to see the "Pride of Portugal" displays at the London International Horse Show (previously Olympia).  One of the Worlds biggest, and most loved events, the riders from Portugal did their horses, and their country absolutely proud.  We have seen so many people commentating on the incredible Lusitanos, and the sheer quality of the work. Many hailed it as the best thing about the show and it was fabulous to see images of the team make the national press. 

Organised by Sussex Lusitanos and N Pimenta the displays saw ten of Portugal's very best Working Equitation riders illustrating the incredible skill, bravery and dexterity of the Lusitano horse. They rode with blazing Varas, showed synchronised carousels and many high level dressage movements.  Ridden with fantastic flamboyance but total lightness, and in the traditional dress of Portugal, it was a sight to behold. 

You can now see their display on Iplayer - here is the direct link for the page, the Lusitanos are seen just after the Shetland Grand National and before the Grand Prix Show Jumping.
If you are new to the national horse of Portugal, these horses are unique, their characters absolutely compelling. Whilst they are smaller than many of the competition horses seen at this huge Christmas show, they are absolute athletes with hearts as big as as lions, and talent beyond measure.  Around the world, more and more people are recognising the capabilities of the breed for all disciplines not just the Working Equitation that they excel at. They are climbing the ranks in the dressage world especially, with the famous Rubi AR recently making the position of 17 in the top 100 dressage horses.  


We are so proud to stage the horses of both Spain and Portugal, their inspiration is infiinite! We place them in a full night of entertainment, with music, sound and lights of absolute artistry throughout.  If you loved the lusitanos in London, come and fall even more in love with the Iberian horses at the Festival of the Iberian Horse, Westpoint! In 2024 we have the global superstar Alizée Froment who favours the Lusitano both for dressage, and displays, and Córdoba Ecuestre from the Royal Stables of Córdoba with their sublimely polished pieces packed with drama and passion.  As well as the evening Espectáculos and Sunday Matinee, we have four feria days of entertainment and workshops.  

Find out more about the 2024 line up here

The Horses and Riders on the Pride of Portugal Team
🇵🇹 Gilberto Filipe & Zinque das Lezírias
🇵🇹 Ricardo Moura Tavares & Fado
🇵🇹 João Bento & Jaguar
🇵🇹 João Gonçalves & Madragão das Arcas
🇵🇹 Luís Brito Paes & Nabuco & Horizonte
🇵🇹 Mafalda Galiza Mendes & Indigena
🇵🇹 João da Graça & Haiti
🇵🇹 Filipe Barbosa & Mestre Misericórdia
🇵🇹 Nicole Silva & Inca
🇵🇹 Filipe Carvalho & Natural
Parabens to everyone involved.
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