Fado at the Festival of the Iberian Horse

Finally, we are able to put Fado centre stage at the Festival of the Iberian Horse; the incredible Claudia Aurora stars in the Friday and Saturday night shows weaving the soul stirring sounds of of Portugal into the opening sequence of the show.  Claudia will be joined by Lusitano horses, the national horse of Portugal, a UK first to see the pride of Portugal with Fado in a live production under a spectacular lighting system.

They will be joined by Rebeca Ortega one of Spain’s most renowned and passionate Flamenco dancers. These two powerful Iberian women will weave their individual vignettes together to create a truly unique artistic fusion, transporting audiences to the Iberian peninsula and beyond.  

The Festival of the Iberian Horse taking place at Westpoint Arena, Exeter Devon, 29th August - 1st September 2024.

Read more about the Fado, Flamenco Fantasia, the opening sequence here

Meet Claudia

Porto-born Fado singer Claudia Aurora is likely the only Fado singer based outside Portugal to make a significant impact on this traditional art. Her collaboration with Spanish guitarist Javier Moreno has taken them to some of the most prestigious stages throughout the UK and Europe, and as far as South Korea and Oman. The duo's performances are renowned for their healing power, Aurora's profound vocals, and Moreno's subtle and sensitive playing, which follows her rhythm and breath like the tide kissing the shore. With a repertoire of original and traditional songs, the beauty of the Spanish guitar and Aurora's voice combine to create a visceral and emotional experience, full of drama, sorrow, and saudade.