Prepare to be captivated by an extraordinary artistic fusion, an experience of a lifetime at the Festival of the Iberian Horse, at Westpoint Arena, Exeter Devon, from August 29th to September 1st, 2024.

The Thursday and Friday night shows will open with a UK first dramatic sequence that blends the fiery passion of Flamenco, the soulful melancholy of Fado, breathtaking art, and the majestic beauty of Spanish and Portuguese horses. Your heart and soul will be lifted ready for the jaw dropping performances to follow from Clémence Faivre, horses from the Royal Stables of Córdoba and Silke Vallentin.

Flamenco Superstar Rebeca Ortega

The opening sequence is set to dazzle with a state-of-the-art sound and light system that will bring this multi-sensory experience to life. Renowned Flamenco dancer Rebeca Ortega, known for her expressive performances and multidisciplinary prowess, will set the stage alight with her passion and power. She will be accompanied by the incredible guitarist Ramon Ruiz, whose playing is sure to stir the soul.

Three local professional Flamencas join Rebeca - Karina Gracia, Mercedes Romero and Claudia Caolin, and many of their beautiful students will set the scene around the arena creating a grand vision of colour and intensity.

The Horses of Spain

Adding to the spectacle, stunning horses in traditional Spanish costumes will grace the arena. A highlight will be a special appearance by one of the horses from the Royal Stables of Córdoba, symbolising the authentic power and grace of the Iberian Peninsula. These horses, revered for their beauty and strength, will perform alongside the artists, creating a harmonious blend of equestrian skill and artistic expression.

Claudia Aurora - The Voice of Fado

The evening will also feature the profound vocals of Claudia Aurora, a Fado singer from Porto who has made a significant impact on this traditional Portuguese art form. Claudia's performances are known for their healing power, emotional depth, and dramatic expression. She will be joined by Javier Moreno, a Spanish guitarist whose sensitive and subtle playing perfectly complements Aurora's powerful voice.

The Horses of Portugal

Claudia and Javier will be accompanied by Lusitanos in the national dress of Portugal, enhancing the cultural authenticity of the performance. Live Fado and these horses has never been seen together in the UK. A visceral and emotional experience that will embody the deep emotion and nostalgic longing of Fado music.

Live Art, Fire Sequences and Lighting Spectacle

Adding an extraordinary dimension acclaimed artist Liska Llorca will perform live painting of the Fantasia. Known for her dynamic and evocative depictions Liska will create stunning artworks in real-time, enhancing the immersive experience.

Sspectacular fire sequences, will add an element of raw energy and intensity. The cutting-edge lighting system will enhance the dramatic effect, creating an unforgettable visual and auditory experience.

Experience the Magic

This live production promises to transport audiences to the heart of the Iberian Peninsula through a unique blend of dance, music, art and equestrian excellence. The collaboration of these powerful Iberian women and their artistic partners will weave a narrative that is both deeply emotional and visually stunning.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to witness an unparalleled celebration of Iberian art culture at Westpoint Arena. All shows are in high demand so secure your tickets now for an evening that promises to be as fiery and passionate as the arts it celebrates.