The Lusitano in Dressage - 7 in the Top 100 Dressage Horses

Rubi AR has become the highest position ranked Iberian horse ever at no 17 in the WBFSH top 100 dressage stallions for 2023.  The bay Lusitano is of Alter Real lines which is the National stud in Portugal which founded in 1748 by King D João V.

Rubi competed in the London Olympics dressage finishing 16th, and today has an impressive 9 of his progeny competing on the international Big Tour. The horse in second place for the Lusitanos Rico is the sire of the fantastic Fogoso, the very typical, and small but mighty Lusitano that the World fell in love with at the Tokyo Olympics. Overall 7 Lusitanos made it into the top 100 this year, a figure that grows year on year, and two PREs.

It is very interesting to see how influential Xaquiro remains in the dressage Lusitanos of today. This stallion is still considered one of the greatest of all time,  in a documentary Paulo Ceatano stated he considers the mother of Xaquiro - Quieta to be the most influential horse in the modern sports lusitano breeding

Congratulations to the connections of all the Iberians proving their worth and holding their own against the warmbloods.

Here are the positions of the Lusitanos and PREs in the 2023 top dressage sires list;

17 - Rubi PSL (Batial x H-Xila) (grandsire Xaquiro)
28 - Rico PSL (Hostil x Cortiça)
64 - Viheste PSL (Hircino x Quinjara)
73 - Soberano PSL (Hostil x Nobreza) (grandsire Xaquiro)
76 - Spartacus PSL (Xaquiro x Juno)
78 - Engañosa VI PRE (Dacus x Giralda III)
92 - Altivo PSL (Ufano II X Quieta) (brother of Xaquiro)
93 - Riopele PSL (Hostil x Lai Lai)
96 - Esbelto VII PRE (Remache x Negrilla)
And here's the list of Rubi's progeny at the top of dressage today for riders all over Europe;
- Imperador dos Cedros ridden by Fie Christine Skarsoe 🇱🇺
- Fenix de Tineo ridden by Maria Caetano 🇵🇹
- Gavião dos Cedros ridden by Alejandro Asencio🇪🇸
- Irão PFC ridden by Rita Ralão 🇵🇹
- Iranico JGR ridden by Vasco Mira Godinho🇵🇹
- Iraque PFC ridden by Luciana Inácio🇵🇹
- Imperador DR ridden by Miguel Rico🇵🇹
- Herói do Seixo ridden by Richard White🇬🇧
- Junior Rubi de Ilheu ridden by Roberto Brasil
If you love the Lusitano horse come and see some of the UKs best at the Festival of the Iberian horse! You can read more about the Lusitano breed here