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Sunday Hospitality in the Caseta de Córdoba

Sunday Hospitality in the Caseta de Córdoba

Join our stars, judges, VIP guests and dignitaries in The CASETA DE CÓRDOBA - a beautiful, vintage wooden pavillion. An authentic and exceptional Iberian experience.  VERY limited for the general public, just 50 people. 

During the day and after the show, artisan tea and coffee, soft drinks, platters of bread, cheese, olives and charcuterie, and Portuguese pastries will always be available to enjoy to your hearts content.  

At 12pm, a glass of Cava from Shaws Iberian will be served to open THE FESTIVAL FEAST.  This is being prepared by Michelin chefs, full line up to be confirmed shortly.  Various wine, sherry and spirit pairings during the feast.  

Your experience includes a front row seat for the Espetáculo itself. This is the final day, so the emotions will be high. You can arrive at the Caseta from 1030am and you can enjoy this special area post show too for the entire afternoon. 

The Caseta is "En la Ronda" so day and night, horses will be warming up and parading right around the pavilion, a truly unique and memorable experience with a sand surface so the horses can perform various movements for the delight and pleasure of our guests.  The Flamenco and Fado professionals will perform exclusively for you inside. 

It's fantastic feria style, additional features to include

  • Private entrance into the arena
  • View over La Plaza and El Paseo
  • Parking close to the Pavilion
  • VIP Lanyard and souvenir programme
  • Flamenco and Fado performances with the professionals
  • Latin and balearic DJs in classy lounge sets
  • Private deluxe Shepherds Hut bathroom near the pavillion


We hope to be able to stream events inside the arena into the pavillion, this will be confirmed if we are able to create this.


  • There may be a security search on arrival
  • There is no guarantee of meeting particular stars or dignataries
  • Any particular dietary requirements need to be notified
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