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The Sunday Matinee Espectáculo

The Sunday Matinee Espectáculo

All of the headline stars, in their full performances, but no sports elements, or the Fado and Flamenco Fantasia.  The matinee ticket includes FREE Plaza access from 1030am and after the show. You'll see some exclusive extras indoors and outdoors before the Espectáculo.

Once inside you won't know it's daytime and the lights are as dramatic as the night shows - it can be surprising to come out into the sunlight! It's the final day, so the stars will be waving you all goodbye after the show as the Festival draws to a close.  

An immersive and inspirational Iberian experience illuminated by a spectacular, state of the art, high end light show, with World famous equestrian superstars.  Draping to all four walls of Westpoint creates an intimate but epic setting with beautiful Mediterranean styling.   Absolute magic, joy and artistry from start to finish to lift your spirit forever.  

  • The global superstar Alizée Froment - exceptional skill, magical and dreamlike
  • Córdoba Ecuestre from The Royal Stables of Córdoba, even more horses in passionate, dramatic and spine tingling displays 
  • Silke Vallentin - high school dressage with a Spanish horse from her wheelchair - talent beyond human limits
  • SUN ONLY - see the Spanish Walk challenge, and unique performances indoors before the Espectáculo begins.
  • SUN ONLY - The Raffle - before the matinee, children can come out into the arena to help us pull the winners.

The Espectáculo runs 130pm - 230pm You may arrive from 1030am to enjoy La Plaza.  Enjoy that Feria feel outside before you settle down for the spectacular Sunday show. Perhaps a sangria, or some paella, or those heavenly Pastel de Nata from Portugal, watch all the Flamenco dancers, outdoor demos and enjoy some shopping. 

Select your tickets from the tabs below. If you have any questions, or wish to order by phone, please call 07398 551610. You can also open up the chat box for questions when we're online, usually 9am-9pm

"Skill, power grace and passion"

"I actually shed tears of joy, an experience I will NEVER forget"

"Spell binding, profound, touches your soul, unforgettable and magical experience"

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